Post Formats & Layouts

This theme comes bundled with the following post formats:

  • Standard: A standard WordPress post. Upload a single image and set it as featured image
  • Gallery: Upload multiple images inside the gallery metabox.
  • Video: Paste URL of the video. Supported websites are here:

Each post format has its own settings and layouts that are selectable from Post Settings metabox below the editor. Below you can find the screenshots for each post format and each layout:

Classic: Image on top with sidebar on the side. Example:

Full Width Large Image: Full width image on top with sidebar on the side. Example:

Large Image: Similar to Style 2, but the image is not full  width. Example:

Cover Background: Full width cover image on top. Example:

Center without Sidebar: Center large image, with centered content. Example:

Gallery Post Format 

Full Width with Sidebar: Horizontal Images with sidebar on the side. Example:

Half Width with Sidebar: Vertical Images with vertically centered content with sidebar on the side. Example:

Full Width without Sidebar:  Full Width Horizontal Images without sidebar. Example:

Half Width without Sidebar: Vertical Images without any sidebar. Example:

Video Post Format 

Video Full Width: Full Width Video. Example:

Video Half Width: Half-width Video with content on the side. Example:

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