Font Combinations

Below, you can find the font combinations we have used for our demos:

Masonry Style 1 (Main Demo) – Futura PT, Karla

Masonry Style 2 – Proxima Nova

Agency Simple – Nudista Web, Freight Sans Pro

Agency – Proxima Nova

Background Grid – Proxima Nova, Anonymous Pro

Carousel – Futura PT, Eurostile

Designer – Soleil, Freight Sans Pro

Freelancer – Proxima Nova, Rift

Personal – Univia Pro, Niveau Grotesk

Agency Modern – Noto Sans, Source Serif Pro

Full Screen Segments – Roboto, Roboto Slab

Full Screen Parallax – Sofia Pro, Courier Prime

Full Screen Creative – Rift, Karla

Landing Tasty – Roboto, PlayFair Display

Landing Sphere – Gibson, Rift Soft

Background Music used on demos:

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