Using Visual Composer to construct your pages

To utilise this theme to the maximum, you need to get acquainted to using Visual Composer. 

We have added custom Visual Composer Elements on top of the default ones to create unique layouts. You can find these extra elements under the by Fuel Themes tab inside Add Element window:

Most of the elements are self-explanatory, but we ‘ll go over the complex ones to get you started.

Portfolio Grid & Masonry

Portfolio Masonry is the most used element in our theme. It allows you to display your Portfolio items in a masonry like layout.

Below, we ‘ll go over different styles so you can pick whatever you need:

Style1 is when you have titles over the portfolio images:

Style2 is when you have the portfolio titles under the images:

Portfolio Text

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Portfolio Carousel

Portfolio Horizontal

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