Get Support for your theme

As per Envato rules, you get 6 months of free support for your WordPress theme.

Support deals with installation of the theme, issues that arise from the usage of any features available by default, BUG FIXES, and SMALL MODIFICATIONS within one or two lines of code. We do not offer support for installation or administration of WordPress itself, nor do we provide support for any third party plugins, or problems associated with using them in a combination with one of our themes.

I have read the documentation and cannot find a solution to my problem

If you are still having troubles, please use our support forum here:

I need complex customization

Please fill out the customization form on our website:

What is your recommended hosting for a hassle-free, fast website?

WPEngine is absolutely phenomenal. They have the best support and our demos are hosted on their platform since we started. Get 2 months free hosting with WP Engine on any shared annual plan

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