Font Combinations

Below, you can find the font combinations we have used for our demos: Europa (Typekit) Hypatia Sans Pro (Typekit) Futura (Typekit), Muli Niveau Grotesk (Typekit), Open Sans Rift Soft (Typekit), Muli Proxima Nova (Typekit) Proxima Nova (Typekit), Poppins Rubik Brandan Grotesque (Typekit), Averia Sans Libre Sofia Pro (Typekit), Rift Soft (Typekit) Sofia Pro (Typekit) Proxima Nova (Typekit) Rubik Rubik, Averia Sans Libre Rubik, Futura (Typekit) System, Lora Sofia Pro (Typekit) Futura (Typekit), Rubik Rift (Typekit), Muli Runda (Typekit) Brandon Grotesque (Typekit), Lato Soleil (Typekit)

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